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International Women's Day ~ and still not granted equal standing to the rights of a man in the united States of America (and even worse in other countries)

Inspiration towards my first undeveloped piece, from this i can look at how the colours are used and vectors are created

~~~~~~~Together...Kindred Spirits~~~~~~~~ We all live many miles apart. What we think, what we believe and how we each live will always be complicated and diverse. It is the love we share; Heart to heart and soul to soul that weaves us together into kindred spirits.

Our systems are corrupt... they cannot be repaired because their very design is flawed from the get go. We need new systems that were designed to promote life not destroy it. :)

A half-century after the events in my novel "Daffodil Sunrise," the battle's far from over. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

This picture illustrates feminism, because it significantly draws back to the past in which women were not allowed to participate in voting, or any political aspects that could change their society. However, although women now participate in voting during elections, there have been discrimination concerning women occupying political seats. This is because females are deemed unfit to handle such level of power and authority.

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