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Grand West University residence, suitable enough for a large family and worthy of gracious entertaining. The dramatic entry hall features arched casings that open to a handsome study, formals, spacious kitchen and family room, which overlooks the yard you have been waiting for. Second floor has a central hall with 4/5 bedrooms. The third floor includes a perfect 2 room guest suite. Located on a prime street, this impeccable home has exceptional curb appeal and will be every heart's desire.

Beautiful cottage, reminds me of Miss Honey's cottage in Matilda

Turn End in Thame, Oxon by Peter Aldington (1960's). This pivoting door and upper window are the most dominant features on the spring garden side of the house.

Art Nouveau Doorway which features an upside-down heart

Nestled into a steep site this imaginatively designed barn house is 'upside-down' to take advantage of the stunning views over the Helford river in Cornwall. The first floor open plan living rooms are set into a canopy of old oak trees. Other features include arch braced trusses, extensive balconies and a spiral staircase.

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Ecological Children Activity and Education Center / 24H > architecture

LOL! I love unusual structures and natural building styles, but this on looks like someone said, "Hey, let's live inside a lava lamp…" Illustration: ideas for peter pan's house. Neverland. I really like the lava lamp windows. it would be really good to see a tree with a lava lamp features.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that a witch may well live here. I believe she'd do mostly good things like teach you a charm to ward off evil - "Tsk, tsk! Begone!" - but you'd have to be careful to bring her a gift like a bottle of your elderberry wine or a nice bit of cheese for her dinner, or.... Just look at that slightly forbidding aspect and you'll see what I mean.

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73 Attic Master Bedroom Design Ideas (Pictures)

Gorgeous and spacious master bedroom in the attic with built-in day bed, grey furniture and hardwood flooring.

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Tuscan Herb Pots

Mediterranean style veranda

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The Cool Hunter - Mineral House - Tokyo

The Cool Hunter – Mineral House – Tokyo