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Delicious Chinese guava hard candy available at many other exotic flavors also available #yum #yummy

GUAVA CANDY 12.3 oz. (pack of 3)

GUAVA CANDY 12.3 oz. (pack of 3) Very tasty. I LOVE this candy. Yes, at first it does have an unusual taste but you (or at least I did) get use to it. It has a very nice flavor. They are also individualy wrapped so you dont have to worry about opening a bag and not eating all the candy. And my father thinks this is like the best candy ever, and many others agree with him.

Kasugai – Lychee Candy 4.05 oz

Kasugai - Lychee Candy 4.05 oz a unique candy, It...kind of tastes like strawberry? The more you have, the less it tastes like strawberry and the more it develops its own unique flavor. It's kind of like a combination of strawberry and rose petals, or some sort of aromatic flower. It's not as sweet as you might think, it's got a tartness to it, which I like. It makes your breath smell like a bouquet of roses, that's for sure!