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The group shot above shows 3rd platoon on a rest break during the 120 mile march of 2nd Bn from Toccoa to Atlanta, late 1942. 3) Hank Hanson, 5) Pace, 6) Schuyler, 8) K. Baldwin, 9) Booy, 10) Ranney, 12) Ramirez, 13) Powers, 15) P. Rogers, 16) B. Taylor, 17) Tipper, 18) C.T. Smith, 19) Red Wright, 20) Tridle, 21) Strohl, 22) Clarence Hester, 23) Harris, 24) Lipton, 25) Guth, 26) Perconte, 27) West, 28) Fenstermaker, 29) Wynn, 30) Moore, 32) Talbert, 33) Fieguth, 34) Gordon, 36) Sisk, 37)…

Carwood Lipton <3 "Lipton became 1st sergeant of the company. (...) He was my mentor; I looked up to him. He was calm and he would discuss any situation you got into. We had brains between us. No quick reactions - he thought things out (....) I trusted him with my life." Bill talking about Lipton p. 86 Brothers in Battle - Best of Friends by Bill Guarnere/Babe Heffron

Warren 'Skip' Muck (1922-1945) "Skip was the real deal: didn't have a phony bone in his body. Unassuming and yet had a personality that drew people to him like cold hands to a fire. He was the barracks peacekeeper on occasion. Not the guy who demanded to be in the spotlight but probably the best-liked man in the company. A guy who would make each of us feel as if he were his best friend." - p.47-48 Easy Company Soldier by Don Malarkey