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Give it to me straight, Doctor. You've got twelve months.

For readers who live books

A little book humor. Book "You look so much thinner!" Book "Thanks, I had my appendix removed.

Non-essential organ support group

Funny pictures about Organ support group. Oh, and cool pics about Organ support group. Also, Organ support group.

Funny Pun: Sleeping Pill

Just a little pharmacy humor :) "the human sleeping pill" --from "Rebecca's Rose" by Jennifer Beckstrand


Funny pictures about Just In Hindsight. Oh, and cool pics about Just In Hindsight. Also, Just In Hindsight photos.

Random Funny Pictures – 45 Pics

Funny pictures about Matryoshka Dolls. Oh, and cool pics about Matryoshka Dolls. Also, Matryoshka Dolls.

On the Creative Market Blog - A Designer's Life in 10 Hilarious Cartoons

A Designer's Life in 10 Hilarious Cartoons

Recently I've been seeing a plethora of Pantone inspiration all over the web. Pantone is no longer just a color system, it has evolved to become so much more. Check out some of the awesome things designers and creatives from…