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I just blinked :O

I just legit broke down crying this picture is like a rude awakening for me like I can't even.

this has to be one of my all time fav pic of niall....he has beautiful blue eyes, he has gorgeous blonde hair, he has no idea what he means to me, he has fun doing what he loves, he has everything but thinks he did nothing to deserve it, he has no clue i exist. i love him<3

I love Niall. I would love to tell him this. Honestly to me he is the most perfect person ever and I just love him so much. But I guess it would sorta count if he saw this. Try and get him to see this guys!

"Oh my God. Baby are you okay? Walk it off, baby, just walk it off. You're still hot." Yep. This is how it goes.

Ohhh my. I'm laughing because it's Taylor Swift. From Valentine's Day.

Ain't that the truth.

You are always hot no matter what face you make.love you Zayn.