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With his last movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel , Wes Anderson not only confirms that he’s a brilliant director but also reveals that h.


The Royal Tenenbaums: A pictorial study

No blog >> Filme 'O Grande Hotel Budapeste' como inspiração para o décor: http://montacasa.gudecor.com.br/blog/o-grande-hotel-budapeste/

Wes Anderson's Wonderful Interiors by The Garconniere

Moonrise Kingdom  Wes Anderson poster possibly one of the sweetest movies of all time.

Moonrise Kingdom Movie Poster - Print I - Wes Anderson Print Vintage Style Magazine Print movie quotes Watercolor Background

Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson Poster - Vintage Style Magazine Print movie quotes Cinema Studio Watercolor Background - Pick your Size by CinemaStudio on Etsy

Wes Anderson-inspired paintings by artist Jonathan Bergeron aka JohnnyCrap

Wes Inspired Art, Dream-Pop Nymphs, Clay, and Silver Underwear

The "Life Aquatic" set, a film taking place on a submarine - with Bill Murray aka Steve Zissou, directed by Wes Anderson.

The Boat, from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Miniatures based on Wes Anderson films

Miniature Paper Dioramas of Scenes From Wes Anderson Films

Barcelona-based illustrator Mar Cerdà has created a magnificent collection of miniature paper dioramas featuring scenes from films by director Wes Anderson. She intricately displays scenes from mov…

Margo, Royal and Richie - paper doll trio by Mab Graves $10  I adore The Royal Tenenbaums!

RESERVED listing for Caitlin...Margot, Royal and Richie - paper doll trio by Mab Graves

RESERVED listing for Caitlin.Margot, Royal and Richie - paper doll trio by Mab Graves

The Darjeeling Limited

Currently playing as I clean my apartment.

eric chase anderson

The Terrier and Lobster: The Royal Tenenbaums House Charts by Eric Chase Anderson