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Keshalock is my new favourite thing.

Sherlock On Tumblr #4

Posting for I do ship Johnlock, but I did really love John/Mary and was disappointed that. well, you know.

Ragnar this guy is a legend! Found my new favourite series

Ragnar Lothbrok's Hairstyle from Vikings

mine bw 1000 CAP History Channel vikings travis fimmel ragnar lothbrok Historyvikings mine:still vikingsedit my own caps vikings-shieldmaiden

You done messed up Ay-Ay-Ron this is truly the most awesome thing I have ever read

This has got to be my all time favorite Key and Peele sketch ever. " You dun messed up A-AY-RON.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - American post-apocalyptic drama television series

Tumblr Who #51

Tumblr Who #51

The single biggest thing I feel needs resolved in doctor who right there. Donna deserves her perfect man! Idk but they both deserve each other and his expression as he tried and failed to call out to her heart wrenching!

- "Starsky and Hutch" - 1970's American cop thriller television series - Ran from 1975 to 1979 - Staring Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul -

40 years on and I still felt like a teenager when I met Paul Michael Glaser (Starskey) - Lovely Man.STARSKY and Hutch CARDIGAN sweater TV series by CampKitschyKnits.

.....with the TV times.... essential reading.

Past-Christmas essentials: 'The Two Ronnies' RIP: Ronald Balfour 'Ronnie' Corbett, CBE and Ronald William George 'Ronnie' Barker, OBE