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Who Said Homeschool Is For Elementary Kids Only? It's For Highschoolers Too

You have made the important decision to homeschool your student through High School. Whether you are just starting on your homeschool journey or are a seasoned homeschooler you probably have tons of questions you want answered as you embark on this new phase of your child’s education. We have been there too and have compiled a list of helpful resources. General Information on Homeschooling High School Homeschool Legal Defense Association has an entire section devoted to homeschooling high ……

Homeschool High School Success: The True Secret

What is the true secret of homeschool high school success? How do you know if you're doing enough or teaching the right things? Here's the answer.

Books for Struggling Readers in Homeschool High School

Books for struggling readers in homeschool high school. Some teens are gifted in other areas but reading remains a struggle. Here are good books for them.

Homeschool Planning for Middle School (goals and curriculum for grade 7

Ben is growing up. And in just two short years, I will be teaching a high school student. I suddenly felt the weight of that amazing task fall onto my shoulders like a ton of bricks. It's time to get serious. It is time to really think about homeschool planning.

How My Teens Made College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts

How to Get Your Teen Caught Up with their Homeschool Schedule

What To Do When Your Homeschool High School Student is Behind