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Замоскворецкий ангел 😇 Спутниковые антенны и кондиционеры давно вытеснили лепные цветы и купидонов с фасадов старых особняков на Серпуховке, но что-то божественное в них еще осталось. Большая Серпуховская, 19 (во дворе). A Zamoskvorechye cherub A satellite antennas and air conditioners supplanted a floral moldings and a cherubs from a facades of old mansions in Serpukhovka (a district of Moscow), but there is something heavenly in it as yet.

Snail Graffiti - There is a graffiti artist from London that paints on the shells of snails! #streetart
from Metro

Graffiti snails roaming London as part of slow-moving art project

Snail Graffiti - There is a graffiti artist from London that paints on the shells of snails! #streetart

from nenuno creative

The Threadless Book Review

Banksy Death Art It's startling, but there is a point to it. Banksy often touches on very political subjects - to raise awareness about what is truly going on in society. But it is easy to interpret his work to mean other things. For example - this piece focuses on children and their innocence (depicted through the pink butterflies - which are predominantly used to represent blood and death) but also war and culpability through suicide.

The one where there is a pretty cool bridge and #graffiti ....


Human pylons carry electricity across Iceland

Icelandic Power line stanchions. I wonder if there could be an equally imaginative wind farm equivalent?

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Selecting Furniture & Sculpture Part III

Selecting Furniture & Sculpture. So you’re a curator with your eye on an extraordinary, dazzling furniture or sculpture object (which perhaps handily belonged to someone famous!) that you would like to include in your galleries. Now you need to consider further practical aspects that might determine whether or not it is suitable for inclusion in a display.