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Water leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant could contaminate entire Pacific Ocean

Water leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant could contaminate entire Pacific Ocean | The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

A report concluded that the design for a proposed disposal spot 100 miles from Las Vegas had the required multiple barriers to ensure long-term safety.

Fracking Across The US: See a sampling of some of the high profile incidents related to the country's oil and gas drilling rush. (07/29/2013)

Highlights from PowerShift 2013 - inspiring event from our friends at Australian Youth Climate Coalition (who will be joining us at Progress 2013).

Midway island, Pacific ocean. More Plastic Washes Up With Every Wave. Literally. (Video + Pics) One group decided to do a beach clean up on Midway and found out what an uphill battle it really is. Even after hours of cleaning up debris, they saw that each wave brought in more plastic, in pieces so small it is impossible to clear them all off the sand. “MIDWAY - Plastic Beach”

13. The backup diesel generators to cool the core are turned on. Image: diesel generators of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant (Russia). / Se activan los generadores diésel de emergencia, que bombean agua para mantener la refrigeración. En la imagen, generadores diésel de la central nuclear de Kursk (Rusia).

Big Oil's Big Lies About Alternative Energy

{An oil drilling rig burning off natural gas.}Big Oil's Big Lies About Alternative EnergyAs President Obama calls for greater investments in alternatives, the biggest energy companies are doubling down on riskier, more destructive oil sources

'Rock stars don't need oil,' Neil Young says -

"Rock stars don't need oil". Neil Young fights tar sands and puts climate change firmly before his fans - and everyone else. Check out his facebook stream

Hyped Benefits of Fracked Gas Already Fading .. Industry crowed that this was the shape of things to come with electricity costs plummeting for consumers and heralding the end of “King Coal”