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I love that feeling when I complete my "big" run for the week. Its even more exciting when my big run increases by a mile and I complete it thinking "wow, I was proud of myself last week for my "big" run and I just topped that by a mile!" cant wait for a few months from now

This is SO true! Sure, there are plenty of times when I don't WANT to exercise. In fact, I'm not particularly looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow. But getting fit isn't about what we always WANT to do. It's about things that we really HAVE to do, especially when we'd rather stay home and sit on the couch. . .

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The Health Benefits of Warm Lemon & Cayenne Pepper Water

This is no master cleanse... it's a daily detox, the perfect way to start your day on the right foot! There are many health benefits of warm lemon and cayenne pepper water in the morning, and it's so simple! #health