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The Bhopal Medical Appeal runs a clinic for gas victims and their families in the city. About 100,000 people who were exposed to gas continue to suffer illnesses such as cancer, and have visual, respiratory, immune and neurological disorders.

GREAT response to pro-life propaganda. | pro-choice, abortion, women, rights, feminism<<ayy

Dr Sebi cured AIDS, Cancer, and Diabetes!!! Where is the media coverage of this…

Check out the uplift in these sedimentary rocks beneath Ballybunion Castle in Ireland. You can almost imagine a hand pushing them up from deep in the Earth.

Stop the violence: what kind of person (Or shall I say furious beast) does/will not understand this simple message?!

Believe .....................................................and receive.

Coin wishing trees...

Some Friendships Are Forever

Coin wishing trees...

Read Sen. Bernie Sanders report that tells the tale of the greedy and corrupt 1% and see for yourself. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH GOOD COULD HAVE COME TO OUR COUNTRY IF THOSE TAXES WERE COLLECTED instead of wasted on their bonuses, lobbying, political contributions, environmental destruction, military contracts and protecting their piles of cash. The only people that suffer for it is the 99%!

Chacachacare is an abandoned island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. At various times in its history Chacachacare has served as a cotton plantation, a whaling station and a leper colony. Today Chacachacare remains uninhabited except for staff maintaining a Lighthouse on the island.

I am tired of everything being wrapped in a great big political bow! This is about the suffering of human beings, 43% of which are children.