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12 Most Amazing Sea Monsters

Bananogmius ellisensis, Plethodidae Late Cretaceous Nth America, 6 ft in length, described in 2000

Megalodon's notable not just for physical prowess, but a surprising degree of intelligence (if it shares this with the great white) and most importantly having the longest tenure of any apex predator. Description from I searched for this on

The Megalodon is the largest shark that has ever existed.


boogerashes: “ deamhan: “ The Largest fish that ever lived. Leedsichthys was a giant fish that would have dwarfed every other animal in the sea, but it was a gentle giant that lived on the tiny.

Mosasaurus по Versiris на deviantart

One of my pieces from my dino zine, the terror of the cretaceous sea: Mosasaurus

Favorite Extinct Placoderm: The Dunkleosteus

Favorite Extinct Placoderm: The Dunkleosteus

Meet this Scary Fish, at the Link!

Los animales en la prehistoria: Animales prehistóricos con la letra D

Dunkleosteus (meaning "Dunkle's Bone") is a prehistoric fish, and one of the largest arthrodire placoderms ever to have lived. This carnivorous predator lived during the Late Devonian period, about million years ago.

Placerias by mmfrankford

Placerias Pencil and Digital Placerias

This is an artist's impression of Lyrarapax unguispinus. Image credit: Nicholas Strausfeld / University of Arizona.

Nicholas Strausfeld - Lyrarapax unguispinus one of the world’s first predators, lived in what is now southwest China during the Cambrian period about 520 million years ago.

Opthalmosaurus swimming.

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Astraspis by NTamura on deviantART

A digital illustration of Astraspis desiderata, an extinct genus of primitive jawless fish, by Nobu Tamura

Dunkleosteus - a prehistoric fish from around 400 million years ago that could grow to the size of a school bus.


Information about Tiktaalik, a fish that was on its way to becoming an amphibian. Additional articles about other prehistoric creatures.