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how to not overspend this christmas

5 Easy Tips on How to Not Overspend This Christmas Season

I have been asked a couple of times where to find this. Since my original pin didn't have a link http://www.etsy.com/listing/130647041/cash-envelope-system-cash-budget-wallet

Cash Envelope System, Cash Budget Wallet, All-in-One Bi-fold Wallet --Chevron Red- for use with the Dave Ramsey System

tips-for-debt-free-holiday  http://www.primerica.com/lbalthaser

The holidays are here, and with them comes the tendency to overspend. Create a budget. Budget for everything, including cards, st…

Donald Trump is getting in the crowdfunding game with FundAnything via @Mashable

Will Donald Trump Ruin Crowdfunding?

Military Analysts Warn That Donald Trump’s Deranged Plan to Bomb Iraq Oil Fields Is Trouble - holy fucking shit. this jackass needs to go.maybe we can deport him to mexico.

Josephine Baker Collection "Les Grands interprètes"GRANDE RESISTANTE dans les FORCES FRANCAISES LIBRES ..............

During World War II Josephine Baker worked with the Red Cross, gathered intelligence for the French Resistance and entertained troops in Africa and the Middle East.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO photographed in Cupertino, CA. March 2015

Apple's Tim Cook leads different