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I remember this talc from my childhood. Along with bubble bath that was a powder and came in paper packets.

Remember these little bowls??  Seems like my mother was always making pablum in them to feed by baby brothers!

Tupperware cereal bowls tales from cuckoo land. My grandma has these exact bowls! She uses them for the cat's food. Sad how the bowls we use today hold twice as much food!

 tupperware popsicle molds and you did not dare chew on the "stick"!!

Tupperware Popsicle Makers I always had apple juice Popsicles for the boys. Had to make sure you got the sticks back.

Body On Tap the beer shampoo..OMG it was great stuff and smelled so good.

"Body On Tap Beer Shampoo. Supposedly of it was beer but my hair didn't stink." Only in the could they come up with beer-enriched shampoo.

Yes!! And they had to be washed, now they just throw them away.

old school lunch trays. Dig that mint green color! Bring on the sloppy joes! Taco Day or Turket and Gravy day or the rare grilled cheese sandwich day were my favorites And those Peanut Butter Bars Yum!

Toys Playskool Fisher Price music box

Classic (vintage) Fisher Price Toys, I sooooo remember this.It was my first walkman LOL

Did you ever open a can with a key?

Cans where you needed a 'key' that was attached to the bottom to open it up. I sure do remember opening cans with a key.