Vintage Label Tag MockUp

Vintage Label Tag MockUp---a good idea would be to have a leaf of the "alternative ingriedient" as a neck talker or a "hang tag"

Monday Favorites! / 세련된 프라이스 태그 (가격표) 아이디어 56 | 임대 아파트에서 해외 인테리어 바람을 목표 DIY 핸드 메이드 블로그 <paulballe 폴 공>

force-label Neuarmy Surplus Limited Issue T-shirt that features a simple, yet interesting clothing tag. The additional red tag features the wash and care instructions for the shirt--genius!

Super fashionable clothing labels for a women's line. Great, Pinterest-friendly colors!

Hang Tags for a pajama line called Tink & Tiger. Designed and printed by 42 Pressed (Letterpress)