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and you know the difference only when your dancing takes you to a world much happier than reality and you loose track of everything. so true

just do it :)

Ability, Motivation and Attitude~ those three words are going to be the words that should be in your head all the time!

beautiful dancer

I dance because there's no greater feeling in the world then moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear. Dance is all about the heart. Combine a dancers passion with amazing choreography, and you will never fail!

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it's hard for non-dancers to understand how hard it is for us to watch figure skating, cheerleading, and gymnastics!

Ummm...YES because I'm an athlete!!! (I dance) dahhhhhhh

4 Common Health Conditions That Affect Dancers

It is. Shut up if you think it isn't cuz you're delusional. Dancers have broken their ankles and still danced with a smile on their face until it was over. Football players and other sports get to sit out. No one sits out in dance.

Truth! Everyone is so obsessed with their phones they miss everything going on around them. (Said the girl on pinterest)

Dance like no one is watching, because they're not. They're checking their phones. Dance on

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Dance is not about the number of pirouettes or other tricks that we can do. It's about the opportunity to move an audience as we express the emotions of life through the art of dance. A simple walk or a port de bras coming from the soul does the trick.