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...and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE my ability to spot a lie. It's like my brain is equipped with the best lie detector ever. I don't like to cause a ruckus, so when I spot a lie (or 6000) I keep it to myself and simply "shut the door" on ya. If I'm not worth the truth, I don't need ya. ;-)

you will never see a greater heart turn cold, than a Scorpio who believed in you.before your lies began to unfold.

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So triggering false or bad emotions will sent you through the wrath of a Scorpio's living hell! ^-^<<<< As a Scorpio, I can say that this is correct

When the Scorpio is upset he/she doesn't shy away from the problem. If this sign is unhappy, something or someone must change.

Yess. So true. In fact other people ik who are fake, attention seekers , cry to seek attention but they don't get. Cause we are not so stupid

So so true.we're the ones acting strong and like we have it together but when we're finally alone it's like we're allowed to just fall to pieces, away from anyone else.i dont think i can add more on from that its true

The inner Scorpio

Definitely a trust fanatic! Understand my emotions, though, so don't waste time on that. Not afraid to fail at most things, but don't like failed relationships. Definitely feel like a solitary warrior.

Perfect scorpio.

Scorpio as a child, teenager, adult. Descriptions seem accurate. Im a teenager, so i wouldn't really know about the adult stuff. and i always to succeed in keeping good grades, though it may not be my top priority.

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Yes, at about this time Scorpio's can be heard muttering under their breath "Game On, M." zodiacspot: Find out what your Zodiac sign would say here

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Scorpio’s are often depressed and lonely because they shut people out or invest so much in relationships and get nothing in return.