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22, 24, 30, 45 degree tilt, might work best on my longer pieces Rev-A-Shelf LD-6591-22-11-1 | Wasted space is a thing of the past with the addition of our economical deluxe molded sink front trays. The three custom widths 22”, 24” and 30-1/2” are available in white or almond. Sold individually with 45 degree pivot hinges.

Here's a good looking wastebasket. Canoe says it "is the elevation of a prosaic household object into a rather handsome home accessory." Love that. Also available in a dark walnut.

Spanish designer Jorge Penadés created a new method of production to revitalize discarded leather waste from factories. Structural Skin is a capsule collection created from this new material that is made completely of discarded leather waste, including an

Spanish designer Jorge Penadés has moulded together shredded leather and natural bone glue to create pieces of furniture.

This unique bowls is made from free form embroidery machine chains, then molded into the bow using hardeners. (UK artist Anne Honeyman)

outdoor stone sink... amazing! Something like this could be homemade out of either light weight hypertuffa(cement and peat mixed) or regular colored concrete. It could be molded between two plastic planters, the inner one about 2 inches smaller all the way around. Plastic waste paper baskets would also work.

We visited a delicious home. The majority of the material used is adobe lovingly molded by hand. Amazing stuff. When I went inside it it smelled like many homes I visited in El Salvador. It made me remember my childhood. It's tiny and beautifully curvy. I don't think I saw any corners anywhere! There is a lovely vegetable garden bursting with veggies and a pond that was created to support the entire ecosystem. This homestead thrives on the permaculture that it represents nothing within…