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Adjustable Lateral Chair Support - Small

This is our son's lounge chair. REALLY awesome! We can tilt it just right and use NO straps. Usually he has about 10 straps on his body. We had to import it from England and altogether I think it was about 5K out of pocket. Crazy expensive like all things in special needs world!

There have been several requests for a beach wheelchair. There have been three major themes. Simple PVC beach stroller Full PVC chair with the big balloon tires that are easy to roll on the s...

BYU students make the world's lightest, least expensive motorized wheelchair - plans for building the chair are open source and available at

Please make sure your child is safe around water. Different children need different levels of support; some of these ideas might not be appropriate for your own child. If your child doesn't need a specialized bath chair, a laundry basket, infant feeding seat, or homemade bath chair might be ok. To keep soap and water out of their eyes, you might try a brimmed cap or googles. And, if your child needs a hair washing, but maybe can't be bathed post op, you might try a basin or tray.