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Corner Chairs | Disabled Equipment Solutions

Corner Chairs | Disabled Equipment Solutions

I LOVE my lightweight, portable, collapsable scooter! I travel with it, right up to the door of the plane. My life has been better for it!

Best Mobility Scooters - The TravelScoot is the lightest and best mobility scooter in the world! It folds and unfolds as quick and easy as an umbrella, runs on Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries.

Water faucet extention. Can be helpful for those in a wheelchair, people with limited ROM in their UE's, or small children who have trouble reaching their hands all the way under the faucet. Very handy, can be made out of basically any plastic bottle or cup, is inexpensive, and easy to create!

Can be helpful for people who have trouble reaching all the way under the faucet. Can be made out of any plastic bottle or cup. From RSCC OTA Adaptive Equipment Projects.

Ah-mazing youtube videos about adapting all kinds of things From leaf blowers, to switch adapting toys and ipad stands. Great resource (ATinNH)

A link to many videos about how to adapt all kinds of household tools as well as how to make items switch-adapted.

Water Walking Assistant, made of PVC pipe and pool noodle. I think that this would be a great adaptive equipment for people with polio because it would help them stay upright and assist with their walking in the water.

Water Walking Assistant

Water Walking Assistant, made of PVC pipe and pool noodle. This is such a simple adaptive device that it can be utilized to help people with a variety of disabilities.

Gravity Chair - Paediatric Equipment for children with Special Needs

The Gravity Chair or "Chill Chair" is a very supportive foam positioning system to augment postural control for a wide range of individuals.