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I would lose every time... just thinking about it is killing me!<<< but where are you going to get helium filled balloons from?? Unless you've just had a party or something. But other than that you'd have to argue your way to the store to buy them

Attachment disorder...Seeking help does not make you weak; avoiding help keeps you a child forever in this cycle. https://twitter.com/NeilVenketramen

'Would you rather...' Great for kids as an oral language activity with a partner or topics for persuasive writing task.

This pin on conflict shows how to fight fair. These are good rules to follow when arguing. No one likes to fight with others, but if they knew some strategies to use, the number of fights would decrease. Fighting fair is healthy for a relationship; arguing, yelling, and screaming at each other is not.

"One of the greatest gifts in life is LAUGHTER -- so at every stage of life, try to always live with an abundance of laughter." ~Skye

I love this. It seems like everywhere I go on the internet there's yet another list or something about introversion like its a special gift and extroverts are incapable of understanding. I'm glad someone finally addressed that perhaps there are things introverts might need to know about their counterparts.

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