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A Weight Watchers horror with no chocolate, only chocolate extract. Red AND green food coloring make it brown. The crust is toasted breadcrumbs. YUM.

Hamburger Scampi Squares, festively dressed up with shrimp and stuffed olives to impress your dinner guests.

Well, as adjectives for mackerel go, you could do worse than "snappy." Snappy! So snappy you need three glasses of cranberry juice to wash it down!

Cobb Dip

Cobb Dip - a delicious dip made with creamy ranch, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled corn, shredded cheese, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles. The perfect party dip!

Truly Unappetizing Sandwich Loaf. Some deranged housewife put a lot of time and effort into getting those mushrooms to perfectly line up and stand on edge. (The Good Cook: Snacks & Sandwiches, 1980)