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In the NASA-led mission Operation IceBridge, Lamont scientists are flying over both Greenland and Antarctica with geophysical instruments to see what is happening within and below the ice. In a flight over Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier in fall 2011, scientists witnessed a New York City-size iceberg in the making, with a 19-mile crack tearing the ice apart. (NASA)

The Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica calved a newborn iceberg larger than the city of Chicago this week. The iceberg measures 278 square miles.

12. Northern Alaska, Brooks Range.

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Bloodfalls. Taylor Valley. Antarctica.

Blood Falls This eerie and mysterious blood-red waterfall is located in remote Antarctica. The red color is partially the result of saltwater tainted with iron oxide, but the real mystery of these falls is what lives in the water.

Antarctica has twice as many emperor penguins as scientists had thought, according to a new study using satellite imagery in the first comprehensive survey of one of the world's most iconic birds.

Emperor Penguins Are Teeming in Antarctica

Biologists count penguins by satellite. In the first census of an animal population using satellite imagery, scientists study the surface of Antarctica from above to track emperor penguins.

Svalbard, Norway

10 of the Most Stunning Waterfalls in the World

Iceberg Waterfall - An amazing sight of a waterfall streaming out from a glacier. Taken during my two expeditions I just led to Svalbard. The birds flying by almost make a face I think!


An emperor penguin is framed by a hole in an iceberg at Snow Hill Island rookery, off the east coast of the Antarctic peninsula by Sue Flood, one of the world’s only women to specialise in polar photography.

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sosuperawesome: “ Frozen Bubbles Suspended Below Abraham Lake Abraham Lake has become world famous, especially amongst photographers. The artificial lake, which lies in the foothills of the Canadian.

Gentoo & Chinstrap Penguins on the sculptural form of an ancient blue iceberg. Antarctica.

Image of gentoo & chinstrap penguins on the sculptural form of an ancient blue iceberg. by ArcticPhoto

By Mathias Kessler, an interviewee for The Great Immensity Skype Interview Series (www.thegreatimmensity.org)

By Mathias Kessler, an interviewee for The Great Immensity Skype Interview Series (www.


Funny pictures about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Also, Frozen Wave in Antarctica.

Antarctica - a place in the wilderness - 2007 Parliament House exhibition

That puts a whole 'nuther spin on things. Penguins cling to the summit of a capsized jade iceberg adrift in the Southern Ocean of the Australian Antarctic Territory, photograph by

Glacier. About as quick to be forced into doing something that it doesn't want to do as the Aquarius woman

Wonder of Iceberg off the south-east coast of Greenland, near the village of Ittoqqortoormiit. Photo by Nancy Carels