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Oldest continuous accurate data set

As data gets bigger, are the lessons that we learn growing too? And just how is bigger data helping us get smarter?

House hunting using IBM Watson Analytics

Watching the weather, anywhere in the world, live

Big data’s getting in the zone. It’s helping us find parking spaces, remix our favourite tunes to mirror our environment, and even recognise whales faces (you read that right!). Discover more!

A beautiful new data visualisation tool called Histography transforms its entries on historic events into an interactive timeline. And it’s pretty amazing…

From global exposés to connected cows... every week we round up our favourite Big Data, Analytics and IoT news stories, especially for you!

Just in time of Christmas, IBM has released a new App - powered by Watson - that will predict the best selling presents this year, before the annual battle royale. Using data it culls from social media posts, reviews sites and the web, Watson Trend predicts which products are going to be the hottest this holiday season

Algorithms for change? Inequality, climate change and the death of data - the #bigdata #roundup