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Таблица CLXII. Серьги 1—3—изображение серег на протомах из Пантикапея (1), Горгиппии (2), золотой пластинке из Большой Близницы (3); 4 — Херсонес У—IV вв. до н. э.; 5 — Ольвия VI в. до н. э.; 6 — Херсонес V—IV вв. до н. э.; 7 — Боспор VI—V вв. до н. э.; 8 — Ольвия VI в. до н. о.; 9 — Большая Близница IV в. до н. э.; 10 — Херсонес V—IV вв. до н. э.; 11 — Большая Близница IV в. до н. э.; 12 — Тузла II в. до н. э.; 13 — Пантикапей I в. до н. э.; 14 — Херсонес II—I вв. до н. э.; 15 — Танаис II…

Dama oferente Santuario del Cerro de los Santos. Museo Arqueológico Nacional

This is what led to the NORMAN CONQUEST: the last real Wessex king was Edward the Confessor, who died childless. The throne was taken by King Harold, his wife's nephew. But Edward had preferred his Norman cousin William for the job. William felt he had been swindled, and proceeded to invade and conquer. William's son King Henry MARRIED the House of Wessex and fathered Matilda, the mother of Henry II, so both houses came together in one king, problem solved!

Near the end of the Viking Age, the Baltic Sea island of Gotland minted its first coins, helping to increase its appeal as a trading center. archaeology.org/news #archaeology #Gotland #coin (Nanouschka Myrberg Burström)

"Danish museum officials say that an archaeological dig last year has revealed 365 items from the Viking era, including 60 rare coins."

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