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Catawiki online auction house: Greek Antiquity, Mysia - Silver Tetradrachm of the city of Cyzicus, approx. 390-330 BC

Mysia, Pergamum (Pergamon), Gold Stater, After 336 BC. | Obverse: Alexander III as Herakles, wearing lion skin, facing right. Reverse: Archaistic Palladion standing figure with chlamys over shoulder, spear in raised right hand, shield w/ star in left hand. Crested Corinthian helmet in lower left field.

Extremely Rare Ancient Chimera CoinThis is an electrum stater from the ancient city of Kyzikos, Mysia, circa 550-500 BC. It has a chimera above a tunny fish which was the civic badge of Kyzikos. The reverse is a quadripartite incuse square. This near...

Mysia, Pergamum (Pergamon), Gold Stater, After 336 BC.This historically highly significant coin was a piece presumably of Herakles, illegitimate son of Alexander, who grew up in Pergamon. It is very likely that he commissioned the emission before his assassination in 309.