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The CERN-2015 Test and the NWO Time Manipulation of 12-21-14

Cops Strip Woman and Pulls Out Her Tampon in Public - Dog Shot By Cops at Wrong House

An activist was designated as a terror suspect, put on a watch list and arrested, ostensibly it seems to prevent him attending a protest at this week's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Geo Engineering Documentary 2016 (This is a must watch) Stealth Terror and the End of America


ILLUMINATI SECRETS - The New Atlantis - FEATURE FILM UFOTV® The Disclosure Movie Network: Some history of early America and the secret men behind their agenda. Who really founded America and Why? What have they been guarding for 3000 years? Published on Jun 6, 2013

Martin Luther King Killed by the Authorities Proven in Court FalseFlagAmerica8675

Alex Jones : The Plan To Stop Earth Becoming The Base Of Operations