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American Beading,Native American

Crow beaded hide moccasins, thread- and sinew-sewn and beaded using greasy yellow, light blue, cobalt, red white-heart. white, and pink; with outlined florals and geometrics on vamps and cuffs; cuffs edged in yellow and red cotton, fourth quarter 19th century.

Cheyenne beaded hide moccasins with thunderbird design, from

Ravishing Works Too Rarely Seen

“The Plains Indians: Artists of the Earth and Sky,” one of the greatest exhibitions of American Indian art you may ever see, opens Monday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ikenaga Yasunari - The Japanese Art of Nihonga Redefined

Eri Imamura | "Tabi Moccasin Cross - Cultural Footwear" | brain-tanned deer-hide + 13 size cut-beads + sead-beads + gold beads + horse hair + tin-corns + antique Japanese kimono textiles | 24 cm x 10 cm each | New Mexico, U.S.A. | spring 2007

Replica of one of Quanah Parker's Daughter's dress. Quanah's Father was Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and Mother was Nautdah (Cynthia Ann Parker.) Quanah had 8 wives and 24 children.