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Benedict Cumberbatch in classic Sherlock Holmes attire. I shall never have a need to pin anything else.

Both of them look so cool :) Imagine all the possibilities when they would join their forces :D

I don't know why, but I imagine Hogwarts being his Mind Palace. And the Room of Requirement is where he puts knowledge that requires a specific knowledge of stars and what dates they could be seen.

May I present you: The bakerstreet boys hahah


❤️HAMLET-30-09-15❤️ on

I thought for a minute it was the TARDIS in the background and then I was sad when it wasn't. (Guys. This is unbelievable. I think I'm getting more likes and re-pins on this pin than all my other pins combined.)

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Repinning so I can point out this manip was done by barachiki on tumblr, but someone edited out her watermark. Don't do this to the fandom artists who make this awesome stuff for us!!

you know how sometimes a person's hair generally bugs you, but then JUST ONCE it's exactly right? this is that picture. <-- this caption is correct. This is one of the times we best get to see his hair.

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[sknnylvee] (Image) (Sherlock (BBC))

BBCs Sherlock, a masterpiece, brilliant casting of Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch