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Zipper is actually a pocket... interesting!

steam punk compass by I think I may have found my next tattoo but change just a couple things around and out to make it more of somewhat my own. been looking to found something to go off of and give me an idea.

This will be my next piece. It will take me some time to work on, but for sure it will mean everything sentimental to me

I am 33 and my parents give me pocket money. This is how it works …

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1931: Einstein with Einstein Puppet instein saw the puppet perform at the Teato Torito and was quite amused. He reached into his jacket’s breast pocket, pulled out a letter and crumpled it up. Speaking in German, he said, “The puppet wasn’t fat enough!” He laughed and stuffed the crumpled letter up under the smock to give the puppet a fatter belly.

Pocket watch concealed in a memento mori, 1700-1936: The engraved Latin phrase ”Tempus fugit” on this small model means ‘time flies’. The object was probably a memento mori, meaning a reminder of death. The tiny silver model of a human skull opens to reveal a pocket watch.

This junk journal was made by my mother. It is from old books and new paper. It has over 59 pages. She plans to add more to the shop and even teach me how to make them. I really like how she chose the workers to be on the front page. It gives it an old classic look. The pages have pockets in them, some for writing, and some for your pictures to go on. Very interesting journal for someone who loves to journal in a different way.