Practising Character Design by DianaMaRble

This is old but it was my first Character Design attempt with flat colours. I hope to redraw these characters again (: _________________________________.

얼굴이 안그려져 - 카툰_단편 갤러리

how to draw a head from all angles

Constellation, Zodiac Signs, Astrology, Signs, Zodiac Signs Months, Zodiac Pool, Zodiac Mind

Alexandre "Zedig " diboine

alexandrediboine: “ for saltenpepper, we decided that we wanted more than 3 main characters, so here’s a couple of quick sketch on a meat specialist ”

ArtStation - "Grizzy and the Lemmings" , Clement dartigues

TV serie for "Turner Tv", "Cartoon Network" and "Boomrang Tv", directed by Victor Moulin, producted by Josselin Charier & Antoine Rodelet Artistic direction by Edouard Cellura at Studio Hari in France.

メディアツイート: ねつき@1日目A07ab委託(@netukitune)さん | Twitter

メディアツイート: ねつき@1日目A07ab委託(@netukitune)さん | Twitter

Thanksgiving Characters by Cindi Gilmou