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It's the worst feeling in the world :( baby no I promise it's okay.. You're my love and I am glad u talk to me about this!! I really do.. I'm so thankful for you please it's okay I swear!!! We are here for each

She glares through the screen of wildly tangled hair and bares her teeth in a feral growl. He does not flinch or back away. << Does that remind anyone else of the "Animals" video by Maroon

I dreamt of you. A perfect dream. I dreamt you loved me all along as I do you. And knew all the secrets I'm afraid to share.. you didn't even mind at all, the things I thought you would. I miss and I love you more than even I can understand

So because of my lyme brain, my Dr. performed and Echo-t. Some of the results included: Above average imaginatory function of the brain hLob. Over active thought producing tLob. lol Its a sad world when they can deem an over active thinker lol

everyone says they know me and know how it feels but too be honest they don't know, they don't know how broken I am, they don't know I suffer depression, they don't know I wanna die, so why don't they stop saying they know what its like to be me