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The heartwarming words that unexpectedly made your soul melt all over the floor.

Bring me the horizon

Won't you drain the lake and bring me home again? Who will fix me now, diving when I'm down. Save me from myself don't let me drown. - Bring Me The Horizon //Drown

I don't personally listen to Suicide Silcene, to be honest I don't know any of their songs, but I can still show my respect to a fallen hero.

If you don't know oh he is go and watch all of Suicide Silence's older music. RIP Mitch Lucker, a voice as good as the man himself << I dont even listen to this band but I know who he is

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'The Kids From Yesterday,' Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

12) Mama

My Chemical Romance Wallpaper CloudPix My Chemical Romance Wallpaper Wallpapers)

yeah. Because it can be "When I was... A yiung boy... mu father..." then "SOMETIMES I GET THE FEELING SHE'S WATCHING OVER ME."

living with ghosts tho

I have seen skillet live in 2016 and i am going to see simple plan live in june 2017 yeay

I really wanted to see MCR live aswell but when I found out they broke up I actually cried ; it broke me and I still cry about it