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Whatever doesn't kill me...had better start running & hope it's faster and more determined than I am.

Sad, hurt, crying. But doesn't notice it..listens but doesn't know what to do. I…

Chicken and Leek Soup - Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Whole30, Paleo friendly, Gluten and Dairy Free

i think what this means for me is that when we break, we often sit on the floor and examine the pieces. some people will look at the pieces and give up and others will look at the pieces and find a way to make them fit.

TV: To-Misinform you. Influence you to purchase & use products. Provide you with politically correct opinions. Tell you to improve your looks. Overstate the importance of money & success. Divert you with sports & mindless fluff. Summon you to the altar of celebrity worship. Teach your children about sex. All while you think you're just being entertained. It's ALL Lies!

It doesn't hurt half as bad now that I know you're nothing but a piece of shit who only cares about their own selfish needs. You never really loved me and the new level of bullshit you showed me, proved that to me.

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L'Wren Scott's funeral moved to LA by Mick Jagger and her brother

Poor Mick, what a nightmare, and for L'Wren's family, don't understand why The rest of the band are beaming... by ALLEYCAT8 #DailyMail

It's terrifying, but don't worry, I always learn from my mistakes


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We never dated. We have only ever been friends. And I want this day so you can realize it was me falling each day. And crying over the fact that I could never come first to you.