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Jesus vs Horus - Caesar and the Romans just conveniently repeated a myth to give birth to Christianity.kind of like how Joe Smith copied the bible to create the Book of Mormon.

MONSANTO started 1901 to make saccharin (carcinogen?) . . . production based on chemicals including toxic polychorinated biphenyls (PCBs) & dioxin linked to liver damage, neurological, immune, endocrine, & reproductive systems. Best seller ROUNDUP kills every plant it touches, & Agent Orange used in Viet Nam. Now GMOs, genetically modified organisms . . . seeds . . . who ever controls seeds controls the world's food supply . . .

Monsanto: An Evil Empire

The real windfall came when the chemical giant Monsanto, now calling .

The Venus Project  Now With Disney and Earthos - NuSystemEnterprises.. and theSurprise IsUS!.. DEV TV GlobalAdminEarthSystems

The Venus Project NowWith DisneyEarthos -(DEV) NuSystemEnterprises. and theSurprise IsUS!


this makes those conspiracy theories sound closer to the truth.an insurance policy that coincidentally included acts of terrorism may I add! For more on see my board:" Conspiracies

The Venus Project Beyond Politics, Poverty and War www.thevenusproject.com

The Venus Project

Gmo -Monsanto

Monsanto's Roundup Linked to over 29 diseases-So why are we still eating it?

California Voters Vs. Monsanto? GMO Ballot Initiative Coming in November

California Voters Vs. Monsanto? GMO Ballot Initiative Coming in November

Label GMOs - demand your elected representative make this a LAW now since food manufacturers are not providing disclosure.

"I'm trying to give you back your brain, which they took away from you in schools and in your upbringing" ~ Jacque Fresco ~ The Venus Project ~ A Resource Based Economy ~ Beyond Politics, Poverty and War

Jacque Fresco has a background in industrial design and social engineering, as well as experience as a forerunner in the field of Human Factors. Fresco has invented and designed …

Police States; encroaching on the freedoms of the little man while  ignoring the infractions of the big fish is Big Business in Amerika.

Police States Worldwide - Guess what nation tops the list? What will the numbers look like with a global police state?