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Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman is deeply concerned about the state’s gun violence, and figures perhaps it might help matters to make guns a little harder to buy. Luckily, she’s got a perfect model right in front of her: Missouri’s abortion restrictions, some of the most onerous in the country.

Missouri State Rep Files Bill to Put Gun Sales Under Exact Same Restrictions as Abortions

How to Be a Friend in Deed -

How to Be a Friend in Deed

What to do when you want to be an old-fashioned friend to someone in need.

that escalated quickly meme - Google Search

i laughed. and laughed and laughed some more. but this is actually a really awesome plan: get a girlfriend, kiss her, rule the world, save the universe!


Stop what you are must see these pictures. 43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Kinda sad and hilarious at the same time. WORTH LOOKING


Even if you're having a perfectly rotten day today, here are a few things that you can probably be at least a little bit grateful for.

this is what i always say when i'm on the verge of despair HAHA

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go to kill myself. Or max out my credit card, whichever comes first - Blair Waldorf

40 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Date Him

40 questions to ask before dating

30 Rock in Rolling Stone

Goodbye, Liz Lemon

On ambition: | 26 Ron Swanson Jokes That Just Never Get Old

On ambition:

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing." - the legendary Ron Swanson 100 "Parks And Recreation" GIFs To Celebrate The Show's Episode

Which, tbh, makes you a pretty exciting partner to have. | 23 Signs You're A Default Single Person

23 Signs You're A Default Single Person

let's talk about chocolate, and easter treats

Chocolate Chocolate AACK!

occasionally when watching 30 rock, i will become suspicious that tina fey is spying on me because liz lemon and i have way too much in common.

Killing Kennedy -- Can't wait!!!! --- <3 Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin!!!! Should be pretty AWESOME!!

Killing Kennedy Movie - starring Rob Lowe on National Geographic Channel Shot by the incredible Joey L.

13 Struggles You Endure When You’re An Extremely Straightforward Girl.  Okay, I am not actually this bad...

13 Struggles You Endure When You're An Extremely Straightforward Girl

9 Things Overconfident College Grads Get Wrong