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African Elephant Mother Holding its Baby's Trunk, Loxodonta Africana, East Africa Photographic Print by Arthur Morris

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Best Friends for Life

The abused circus elephants who were reunited at an elephant sanctuary after 25 years apart. This is true friendship.

An elephant wearing trousers. I just thought it was funny.

Original vintage magazine ad for Sanforized Plus featuring a fabulous photo of an elephant wearing pants. Sample ad copy or tagline: This is an elephant. Wearing a pair of pants. Publication Year: 1963 Approximate Ad Size (in inches): 10 x Condition: VG

@izismile #Nick #Brandt black & white photo of an elephant with all it's glory, huge flapping ears, the long ivory tusks, their long trunk and amazing memory

Nick Brandt Photography, he also founded the Big Game Foundation, dedicated to preserving these giant beauties!

This the coolest thing I have ever seen. so beyond jealous.

Pulitzer Prize

My son gave me a framed copy of this picture 10 years ago because he thought it was me with my pet elephant. That's when I learned to make friends with the elephant instead of trying to eat it a bite at a time.