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Nugget of the Day: Yelling doesnt help get your point across it only shuts the other person down. Take a deep breath and count to 10 and then approach the situation differently! This takes practice but the outcome is more refreshing for both parties.

Nugget of the Day: When we open up and let someone in to help it sometimes feels vulnerable. It's okay as long as trust your inner voice to guide you.

Nugget of the Day: Outward success doesn't help with your inward success.

from Jezebel

'Terror Owl' Fucking People Up in a Small Dutch Town

Here's a version of America's number one TV event that might finally appeal to the British: not a pigskin to be seen, no nachos, no halftime ads for dubious soda-making enterprises - just beautiful, beautiful creatures doing what it is they do best.

Nugget of the Day: When we allow tension to be part of our life it effects all aspects. It makes us feel sick physically and cloudy mentally. Having techniques in place to help relieve the feeling is important.

Nugget of the Day: If you were to write a list of words that describe who you are...what would that list say? Keep that list somewhere that will help you be grounded.

Nugget of the Day: Things get tough! You wonder why it keeps happening? There seems to be no good reason for this! Stop and look at how this may affect others. Does it give them the opportunity to help you? Does it give you the opportunity to be helped? Is this an opportunity to slow down? It is hard to see the good in a bad situation but the shift in your thoughts will make all the difference! Its not always what it seems.