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Harry Potter and that time in the Goblet of Fire when everyone thought that the Triwizard Tournament would be an awesome spectator sport

triwizard tournament was for sure very exciting ;

I really like Tom Riddle. Voldemort, on the other hand, not so much; he's ugly and decrepit. I'm very shallow when it comes fictional characters.

Wow - Making the horcruxes-- oh this is a cool way to lay it all out in a timeline. also tom wearing a tiara. Hes the most fabulous mass murderer

To some.

But did Lavender actually die? She was attacked by Greyback in the book. She couldn't have lived & just had the same "Furry little problem" as others?<<<"furry little problem"

Muggle classes may be closer to the wizardry world than most people usually think. Here is an infographic that links Hogwarts classes to their potential real life equivalents.

Harry Potter Infographic of events that happened in the wizarding world from 1959 to 1981.

Timeline Of Events: 1959 Through 1981 Harry Potter Infographic

This Harry Potter infographic details events that happened in the wizarding world from 1959 (the birth of characters) to 1981 (Harry left with the Dursleys)