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Printable love list for Valentine's Day #print

Shared Writing- Since Valentine's Day is all about LOVE . here's a little writing activity you can do with your kiddos to find out what they really LOVE. When they are finished they can share their answers with a partner or in a small group.

Mystery Word - Word Families   ad - ag - am - an - ap - at - ed - en - et - ig - in - ip - it - og - op - ot - ug - un  This is very flexible word ...

CVC Word Families Mystery Word

Mystery Word - Word Families Can be used with magnetic letters, Scrabble letter tiles, play dough and play dough stamps, ink stamps!

Oftentimes the first word your preschoolers will learn to write is their name. While group and one-on-one instruction are crucial to helping your child or students learn to properly form and order...

Custom Name Tracer Pages

SCHOOL SKILLS: H upper case/lower case matching http://creativeprek.webs.com/Lowercase_clip_matching.pdf

Letter identification and fine motor skills training in one! Just make sure to watch that the kid does not pinch their fingers with the clothespin.

Here is an activity I use with my 1st grade class. Have your students practice writing 10 words that you have posted on the word wall in your class... literacy-a-bridge-from-misery-to-hope

Word Wall & 3 Sentences: Here is an activity I use with my grade class. Have your students practice writing 10 words that you have posted on the word wall in your classroom. Then have your students use 3 of the words in sentences.

20 Great Stories and Fun Activities to go along with them

22 Activities For Kids Under 2

20 Great Stories and Fun Activities to go along with them - preschool story-time books playdates

this is so creative... hamburger rubric.  Make sure you click on the link in that section...great PDF file to use and blackline for the rubric too!

Leader in Me - Oak Grove School the hamburger rubric; teaching students to think about quality work

Alphabet Bingo Dauber Printables! Engaging, fun, hands-on alphabet activities! Just print and add bingo daubers. It's that easy! This packet includes one page for each alphabet letter. Perfect for small group time, centers, morning work, fast finishers or RTI.

Alphabet Letter Identification and Discrimination

ELA K. Recognize and name upper and lowercase letters. This spot and dot printable will be used in kindergarten MTSS small group to learn letter names.

Listening center

Various FREE worksheets for listening centers. i like these to help make kids more accountable when they are at the listening center during daily 5


Take a stroll around your school grounds and soak up the sights and sounds of Nature. A fun outside activity allowing your children to experience the simple pleasures of nature!

Graph - Are you afraid of spiders?  This FREE worksheet would be a great addition to your spider or Halloween unit.  Kids can practice surveying their classmates, recording and interpreting results.  Literacy tie in as well.  Download this FREE worksheet at:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Are-you-afraid-of-spiders-recording-sheet-163581

great activity for graders or grade buddies Collecting Data - Are you afraid of spiders? - I like this template for other topics as well.

Book in a Day - report for chapter books, students working in groups

Book in a day. This reminds me of something my mom used before we went to school (and when we did our three years of homeschool). This is a great idea to get kids to retain morals of stories and to exc