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black beauty....would not want to ever see those eyes… eeekk,very pretty though
Quoth the little brown bat: "I rise with the owl--  Wisest and best of the feathered fowl;  Let other folks rise, if they will, with the lark,  And be early and bright--I am early and dark!"
Glass Frog glows like a constellation within the dark of the South American rainforest.
Well I wouldn't wanna meet that down a dark alleyway.  #attackofthekillerliquoriceallsort
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cool colours on this snake. #animals
snake ✔ wild
Cinnamon Super Mahogany - Morph List - World of Ball Pythons
The Eastern Blackneck Garter Snake is a little garter snake with a typical size of much less than 20 inches. It is smaller than the Western Blackneck Garter Snake.  This colorful snake screens three light stripes on a dark-colored body with uniform orange as well as orange-yellow spreading throughout.  Diet : It pursues in rivers for little fish, amphibians, various other snakes, as well as invertebrates, such as earthworms. BEAUTIFUL AND COLORFUL SMALL SNAKE PETS, beautiful snake, beautiful…