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In this photo we see the striking plumage of the blue-streaked lory (Eos reticulata). The medium-sized parrot can be found in Indonesia.

A pair of blue-streaked lories(Eos reticulata) at the San Antonio Zoo. The blue-streaked loryis also known as the blue-necked lory. It is a medium size parrot cm), primarily red with blue streaks.

Yellow-Bibbed Lory - Lorius chlorocercus : This is another monotypic species of the family Psittaculidae. It is endemic to the Solomon Islands. The natural habitats of this parrot are tropical or subtropical moist lowland forests and tropical or subtropical moist montane forests - Image : Doug Janson / August 21, 2004

The Yellow-bibbed Lory (Lorius chlorocercus) is a monotypic species of parrot in the Psittaculidae It is endemic to the Solomon Islands.


The Victoria Crowned Pigeon native to Papua New Guinea where it is of course endangered by the paleolithic society there. (sourced from JanRuss at PixDaus)

Turquoise-green-cheek Conure  (by elvia)

Green-cheeked Conure - Pyrrhura molinae, from: South America.


Winter Snow: Pembroke Welsh Corgis in it up to their ears.I can't wait until I move to a ranch where we can get snow and I finally adopt a corgi. There will be little corgi snow paths everywhere!

A superb fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus) (Credit: David Tipling/naturepl.com)

Babies start learning before they are even born

From cuttlefish learning about prey before they hatch, to birds memorising "passwords" in the egg to form a bond with their parents, it is clear that schooling begins before birth