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Nearly Headless Full Body by SquishDemon on DeviantArt (go check out my DA if u wanna see more)

So I made the rest of the body for my nearly headless icon. Btw, I'm not very good at pixel art plus I'm doing this with a mouse because I don't have a . Nearly Headless Full Body

Philip milic,old crow tattoos -- thaaat's a big tattoo but I likes it. I don't have the body for that.

This is obviously a massive tattoo but a lot different to an ordinary dream catcher. Philip Milic - Dream Catcher leg, sacrum and rib, Body Tattoo.

What you’re wanting to do is identify the desire. Focus upon it. Stay focused upon it until the Energy builds, and as the Energy builds, it will draw circumstances and events universally-wide through you, and along with that, inspiration for your action will come as well.  -Abraham

Symbolic meanings and placement are two important things when people juggle for their tattoo ideas. Both of them affect your choice whether the tattoo is suitable for you or not. Low Back Tattoos are secret tattoos for women.

If Mental Illnesses Were Monsters… Here’s What They’d Probably Look Like

If Mental Illnesses Were Monsters… Here's What They'd Probably Look Like