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6 Tips for Traveling with Heart Disease: Traveling can come with many different challenges when it comes to eating healthy, getting enough rest, and physical exercise. But having heart disease should not limit your traveling abilities; in fact, it’s good for your health! According to two long-term studies, traveling may lower your risk of a heart attack. Dr. John Paul Vavalle at UNC Center for Heart & Vascular provides advice on travel precautions and how to maintain your heart-healthy…

The First Week of My Detox - will I stick to the rules and survive? (Part 2

How to get more energy throughout the day and feel better in the office. Follow this healthy daily routine:

Hydration - The Key To Good Digestion

Get all the vitamins and minerals you need to look great and feel amazing. We've broken it down and made it easy with this go-to reference guide.

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health at No Cost

Simple Ways to Improve Your Health at No Cost There are so much supplements ads...Ironically; the best ways to improve your health are actually free. Just follow at least one of these healthy tips daily and you will be amazed.