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Rebecca perfectly sums up beauty for BuzzFeed as… | This Mom Wrote A Book To Help Children Love Their Skin

Rebecca perfectly sums up beauty for BuzzFeed as… | This Mom Wrote A Book To Help Children Love Their Skin

HAVE you ever notice how many beautiful colorful butterflies there are, Yet they pollinate the flowers and are at peace with each other. What difference does it make what color the skin is . God is a God of art and color and all things come from His mighty hands.

Here's the thing that all the "angry Black people know", and no "calmly debating White people" want to admit: The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.

Anti-Bias Children's books

I Love My Hair! by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley ~ This whimsical, evocative story about a girl named Keyana encourages African-American children to feel good about their special hair and be proud of their heritage. A BlackBoard Children's Book of the Year.

buckwheat our gang | Little Rascals

Buckwheat and the rest of those little rascals made some good TV entertainment back when I was a kid. I loved Buckwheat!

Teaching ideas for Something Beautiful

A little girl longs to see beyond the scary sights on the sidewalk and the angry scribbling in the halls of her building. When her teacher writes the word beautiful on the blackboard, the girl decides to look for something beautiful in her neighbourhood.

learning my lines. . .: Not Good Enough. . . Teens And Plastic Surgery. . . .This is also very relevant for adults!!

A nurse injector is a specially trained Registered Nurse or Aesthetic Nurse Specialist that specializes in non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

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Beauty has no race

Tell that to society. They've created this picture that says only fair skinned women with long flowing hair and the perfect figure are beautiful.