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once i reach my goal weight get my belly button pierced

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Baby bunnies are precious, so there's no use in trying to argue with that incredible fact. Can't get enough adorable bunnies in your life? Take a look at 17 baby bunnies who will certainly brighten your day.

Your Bucket List.


Catch a jar of lightning bugs.Summers in Nashville Tennessee, child hood memory

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Bucket list: go on a non-budget shopping spree in forever Yess!

Bucket list! Things I want to do before I die! #bucketlist #bucket #list #beforeidie

A puppy! Try a dog. Puppies are at least easy to rehome. It's the poor dogs who have grown up and have less of a chance then a puppy. I know my next DOG will be a rescue.

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Bucket list

I have 4 ladies in my life that will never let me down. My best friend, my bestie, my bff and my love!

ive always wanted one. hasnt happened yet =\

i've always wanted a surprise party thrown for me! (my birthday's in August hint hint)

Abssss. Plus I want my bellybutton pierced just to get that jewelry....

I want a bow belly button ring!


Easy, Delicious Meat and Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes

Use a fake name at Starbucks- done' I said primrose then "I volunteer as tribute" when I was done and my friend did the hunger games salute


Stick to my New Year's resolution. - I'll let you know how this year's resolution goes on December

bucket list

go to new york fashion week. and paris fashion week and milan fashion week too!

I wish myself good luck with this one 'cause I'm single as a pringle

Have a relationship that lasts successfully for at least a year or 40 would be nice

before I die..

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Maybe not deep sea diving, but definitely scuba diving!


Before I die Bucket list Bucket-list Jump off a waterfall

I actually do every time I see a shooting star.....'Gail'

CHECKED OFF THE BUCKET LIST: Have a star named after me.thanks to my amazing hubby for my wedding present, there is a bright shiny star up there for with my name!