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I was at the Senior Center today and failed a health and safety course that was put on for us old fogies. One of the questions was "In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?" "Fucking big ones was apparently the wrong answer!"

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Storm in a cupcake: How innocent question 'is this glitter edible?' on The Great British Bake Off sparked national fairy cake pandemonium

"Storm in a cupcake: How Miranda star sparked pandemonium after question over 'edible glitter' she used on Great British Bake Off reveals it's 'not to be consumed'" How can you put something on a cupcake and not know if whether it's safe to eat or not? [Just sayin'!]

Hmm... Shave every other week, or period every month... Choices. If you ever get the chance to watch outnumbered - WATCH IT!!! its amazing - plus nearly everything is improvised which makes it even more brilliant

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martin freeman & noel fielding - nevermind the buzzcocks Petition to have Martin host or appear as a guest on Buzzcocks more often!