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Blitsy | Stamps by abigail

Bring some laughter into your life with these Funny Bones stamps! These stamps have a cling backing and are easy to

This is funny, because it's true :)

Camping: Where you spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person. That and picnics - never understood preparing food in your kitchen and then hauling outside to share with the bugs and the wind and lord knows what else.

A Strongly Worded Letter to People Who Obsessively Update Us On Their Workouts. #WeDontGiveA  #FUCK

A Strongly Worded Letter to People Who Go Too Hard at the Gym

Unless you fell off the treadmill and smacked your face, no one wants to hear about your workout. Tell us about your workout, Lauren

Oh, If I ever get the chance though.... Your in for it! : )

Funny pictures about Why sarcasm exists. Oh, and cool pics about Why sarcasm exists. Also, Why sarcasm exists.


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