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You Have a 40 hour work week? I remember my first part time job

Honestly adult hood is way worse than homework. If I could I'd so go back to high school I'd do every piece of homework + more and turn everything in on time ! no lie. If you're a teenager reading this and you think high school is bad just wait kid you ain't seen nothing yet!<< I'm sorry, but school has gotten harder and harder since you went. If you go back to school to see that, then you will know how hard it is.

I'm a weirdough who kneads someone to loaf

Clapping All day every day.

Six twelfths in a row, exhausted is an understatement

Job Interview: The All Time Classic Do's And Don'ts | Bernard Marr | Pulse | LinkedIn

“So, what questions do you have for us?”It’s the inevitable question that comes at the end of nearly every job interview — and yet it’s the one question job seekers rarely have prepared an answer to.

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I swear guys totally think we do it on purpose ugh.

I make NO promises...

I promise to do a better job of hiding how much you irritate me.

This is exactly why I don't take naps!

Just a nap!


I'll have you know I got 3 hours into my work day an only thought about quitting 47 times.


Anyone that has worked in retail knows this feeling. Customer this is not your original joke!

My life

A pet peeve of mine. the complaints of a run ragged stay at home mom. try being a single mother with a full time job. Or just a mother with a full time job. I've done both and can tell you which is more difficult.