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Physicist Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel Aviv University argues that many single-celled organisms, whether they are tumor cells or gut bacteria, show a rudimentary form of social intelligence—"an ability to act collectively in ways that adapt to the prevailing conditions, learn from experience and solve problems, all with the 'aim' of improving their chances of survival." Cancer cells are known to communicate in order to spread to new territory during metastasis. Thus it may be that further…

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Inspirational Mantras & Quotes From Jane & Jean Ford: Co- Founders Of Benefit Cosmetics

Inspirational Mantras & Quotes From Jane & Jean Ford: Co- Founders Of Benefit Cosmetics - CAREER GIRL DAILY

ASD News An 11-year-old boy with autism drew this world map from memory -

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Why Winter Is The Best Season For Reading

Get a good book and an open fire to survive another New England snow storm!

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From dishwasher loading to cupboard stacking: 9 arguments every family has at home

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Top ten garden plants for wildlife

Top Ten Plants Every Wildlife Gardener Should Consider (BBC/UK) - If you'd love to see more wildlife in your garden, clever choices for your borders and herb patches can give nature a helping hand.

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Chocolate brownie cake

Really rather good chocolate brownie cake - if it's good enough for Jess not to complain about it having nuts in, then it's GOOD!

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Mortgages: How to get the best deal

An expert explains why saving up for longer can make a big difference to the amount lenders charge for a mortgage.


Replenish Your Bedroom Design Ideas

REPLENISH YOUR BEDROOM DESIGN IDEAS_see more inspiring articles at

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How houseplants charmed a new generation of gardeners

Article: Vertical indoor gardens part of the hot trend in small indoor gardens. Inside Angela Maynard's shop Botany, on Chatsworth Road